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The Learning Studios Teacher’s Guide

The Learning Studios Teacher’s Guide is designed to help maximize the teaching and learning experience in the Learning Studio so that:

  • Students are deeply engaged in learning;
  • Students demonstrate ownership of their learning;
  • Students understand the value of taking on another perspective;
  • Students understand that systems and products could be designed differently;
  • Students take action to improve their local and global communities.

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The Learning Studios Teacher’s Guide is presented in three sections:

Learning Studio Experience

What kind of experience do you want to create in your Learning Studio? Explore tips for facilitating engaging and inclusive Learning Studio spaces.

Learning Studio Skills

Discover how educators and students apply important skills and competencies in the Learning Studio.

Learning Studio Projects

Explore the growing collection of projects students can work on in the Learning Studio. The projects are aligned to Webb’s Depth of Knowledge framework to help you determine the projects most appropriate for the needs of your students.


Digital Promise Global facilitates the Learning Studios, which are part of HP and Microsoft’s Reinvent the Classroom initiative. Additional contributions to the Learning Studios global community were made by Dremel and Makey Makey.

The Learning Studios Teacher’s Guide would not be possible without the contributions from Learning Studio sites around the world and from our collaborators who enrich the program with webinars and supporting resources.

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Learning Studios Research

In the initial pilot year of the program, we embarked on a research study to understand how teachers and students made use of the advanced technologies provided by the project, and to document the areas of growth experienced by students and teachers—from technology skills to design-based thinking and related competencies. We also sought to understand the effects of implementation context on technology use and learning and to capture insights related to challenges and best practices that could inform the broader field.

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