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Tiffany Correa

HP Teaching Fellow Tiffany Correa is a seventh and eighth grade English teacher at River Dell Regional School District in New Jersey.

Tiffany was inspired to become an educator when learning about the Doppler effect in ninth grade. Her teacher helped her understand the Doppler effect by making the information relatable and meaningful. This gave Tiffany the hope that she could create similar experiences for students in the future. She started her career as a special education teacher for grades 3-5. After finding her home at River Dell Regional School District, she has taught high school and now currently teaches seventh and eighth grade English for special education students.

Tiffany on Powerful Learning:

In 20 years,  I believe that education will be more easily accessible than ever before. Teachers and students will not be confined by the four corners of the classroom and will be able to engross themselves in problem, project, and student-based learning.”

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