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Katie Dell

HP Teaching Fellow Katie Dell is a middle school science teacher and department chair at Arbutus Middle School in Arbutus, Maryland.

Katie’s journey as an educator began seven years ago. She describes herself as “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” at the beginning of her career, not fully realizing the many needs of her students. Katie believes that one of the primary needs of middle school learners is metacognition —  the ability to do, examine, think and reflect. She has learned that with the powerful tool of technology, she can provide students with immediate feedback which allows for immediate reflection and personalization based on what students need. Seven years ago, she says her classroom looked like a lecture hall. Now, she says her classroom is filled with students performing several different learning activities at the same time, all trying to reach beyond the standards to solve problems.

Katie on Powerful Learning:

“…I really look forward to twenty years from now when I can hear what [students] remember about my science class. Of course, I definitely want them to remember the experiments and the cool things that we did and all the science that we learned, but more importantly, I want to hear from them that I taught them how to problem solve. That I taught them how to think critically and use their brain in ways they didn’t know they could use it before. “

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