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Jenna Zucha

HP Teaching Fellow Jenna Zucha is a high school language arts teacher at Clear Creek Independent School District in Texas.

Jenna has been teaching high school language arts and composition for 11 years. She advocates for literacy in both her professional and personal life, and she enjoys sharing her reading and writing life with her students and community. Jenna believes there is true power in mentorship and she strives to teach and inspire the young people in her life by creating spaces for them to take academic risks, showing vulnerability through writing, and building relationships by sharing her stories and inviting them to share theirs.

Jenna on Powerful Learning:

Teachers can be agents of change by sharing. No longer do we need to feel isolated as educators. When we open our classrooms and share the amazing things we are doing with our community, students feel empowered and the teachers can learn and grow within a larger and more supportive context.”

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