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Dan Spada

HP Teaching Fellow Dan Spada is a library media specialist at Suffield Middle School in Suffield, Connecticut.

Dan spent his first two years in education as a seventh grade English language arts teacher, then taught literacy through technology for two years, and has since been a library media specialist for four years. As a media specialist he has the opportunity to create a space where students feel safe to explore their areas of interest, or discover things they never knew they had a passion for. Whether it’s robotics, coding, podcasting, creating videos, 3D printing, or a different medium, Dan wants students to have the tools they need to develop important future career skills.

Dan on Powerful Learning:

In a perfect world 20 years from now, we will have used artificial intelligence to perfect adaptive learning. One of the biggest challenges facing teachers right now is trying to reach every single student at the level they need. Some teachers have 20, 25, almost 30 students in a class, and it’s nearly impossible to give every student the exact level of attention that they need and deserve. So my hope is that using artificial intelligence, we’ll be able to meet each student where they are.”

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