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Chris Burica

HP Teaching Fellow Chris Burica is a language arts teacher at Carl Sandburg Middle School in Old Bridge, New Jersey.

In the classroom, Chris looks to enhance and innovate his instruction through a thoughtful blend of clear and direct pedagogy coupled with unique blended technology-based exploration. After graduating from Rutgers University, he began his career teaching fourth grade, where he welcomed learners into his colorful and student-centered classroom. Eventually transitioning to the intermediate level for language arts instruction, his daily forays into reading and writing inspire and motivate youth. A fixture at after-school events and through his work with the school’s digital newspaper and burgeoning video broadcast, Chris consistently plays an active role in positively reshaping the climate of his school.

Chris on Powerful Learning:

If I had the good fortune to speak with a student who I formerly taught 20 years from now, I would hope that the learning that they participated in impacted them by instilling the confidence to pursue a future where they are engaged and proud of their output. It’s my wish that my instruction has given them the ability to believe in themselves and understand that they are capable of living in a future where they can utilize their creativity to make a meaningful difference in the education and acceptance of other people.”

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