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Scanning History

June 19, 2019 | By

As part of their ongoing Scanning History Project, Learning Studios teacher Jim Pedrech and his students at Holy Cross Catholic Secondary school are creating a virtual museum that will be available to classes around the world to download and explore. The majority of the artifacts were scanned by students using the Sprout Pro by HP. Other artifacts came from the museum collections available on Sketchfab.

The museum, assembled in Unity3D, provides an opportunity for students voice and cultural expression. Each room of the museum is dedicated to a different community: students can scan artifacts historically significant to their community, record an audio description, and have their work embedded in their community’s room in the museum. For example, students of Standing Stone Elementary of the Oneida Nation scanned in their own artifacts and created engaging audio descriptions of the artifacts. (Pictured above.)

“By scanning historical objects, students are engaging in 21st century curation. Like museum curators around the world, they are digitizing historical artifacts and making them available to the world. Via Skype, we’ve chatted with historians and experts from around the world who regularly do this work; thus, my students have been exposed to career opportunities that, honestly, I didn’t know existed just a few years ago,” Jim says.


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