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Reimagining Waste

August 23, 2018 | By

Students in the Learning Studio at All Saints High School in Kanata, ON, Canada created projects to improve sustainability and reduce waste at school.

A group of seventh grade students successfully advocated for the installation of a water bottle filling station in the school’s bathrooms by meeting with their school’s custodian, surveying the student body on water usage, tracking usage of the existing water bottle filling station, and advocating their case to the school board. The students pointed out that placing a water bottle filling station in an additional wing of the school would improve the accessibility of water to all students and encourage students to bring refillable water bottles, instead of using plastic bottles.


Rola Tibshirani


Another group of students focused their efforts on food waste at school. They worked with the school custodian to come up with a plan to compost food that would normally be thrown in the trash. They also created media to raise awareness among the student body about what can be composted. Their plan is to send the compost to be used by farms in the surrounding area.


Rola Tibshirani
Rola Tibshirani


A third group took action on eliminating the use of plastic straws. Inspired by their meeting with advocacy group Strawless Toronto, the students started Strawless Ottawa to advocate for the elimination of plastic straws in their metropolitan area.


Rola Tibshirani


Learn more on Rola Tibshirani’s blog Learning in Progress.

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