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Play to Learn: Jomasika Cards

June 14, 2017 | By

For the Learning Studios Play to Learn Design Challenge, students from Mundaring Primary School in Mundaring, WA, Australia created a trivia game to help players learn new facts while having fun.

The trivia game, called Jomasika Cards, is named after the four students who created the game–Joel, Margot, Jessica and Karla. Jomasika Cards asks players questions on the topics of history, celebrity trivia, marine life, and current affairs.

The students had the chance to play Jomasika Cards on Skype with the students at the Learning Studio from Skyline Elementary in Solana Beach, California, during the Play to Learn Virtual Game Exchange. Learning Studio educator Jonelle Lorantas reflected on the session, saying, “I think the whole opportunity was very enriching for the students that were able to participate. My entire class was elated for the rest of the day…The students in my class who did not take part in the exchange are looking for an opportunity to talk to the students at Skyline after our next STEM project. Collaboration, especially cross-culturally is an essential tool that needs to be developed in today’s digital world!”


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