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Play to Learn: Connect the Clues

June 15, 2017 | By

For the Learning Studios Play to Learn Design Challenge, students at Solana Beach Elementary school created a board game to help teach players about protecting the environment.

The game is played in the style of Clue, in which players win the game by guessing which three cards (a secret, a landmark and a character) are hidden in an envelope. The players start by randomly picking the three cards to be concealed in the envelope. The rest of the cards are dealt to each of the players. The first player rolls the dice and moves their game piece the corresponding number of spaces. If the player lands on a white space, the game continues to the next person. If the player lands on a landmark, they must name two ways to be eco-friendly without repeating tips that have been said earlier in the game. If the player names two ways to be eco-friendly, they may make a guess about the three cards in the envelope. The player verifies the guess by asking the person to left if they have one of guess cards, and continues until another player says they have the card or until no one is able to claim any of the three cards.


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