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Paper Design Challenge

October 2, 2017 | By

During the Learning Studios facilitator training in Azraq, Jordan, participants completed a mini design challenge where they each used paper to create something their neighbor could wear. Participants came up with numerous unique ideas–from bracelets, to crowns, to sunglasses, and more.

One highlight from this activity came from a participant who decided to make a hat for her neighbor. After stapling together the band of the hat, she tried the hat on her neighbor to see if it would fit. Noticing that the hat was too small, she iterated on her design. Instead of starting over or taking the hat apart to resize it, she repurposed her creation by adding straps to the hat and making it a purse. For those of us in the room, this moment stood out as an organic display of the iterative nature of the design process, creativity, and ingenuity.

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