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May 23, 2019

How to Use Virtual Exchange to Make History Meaningful

HP Teaching Fellow Glen Coleman connects the past to the present with Skype

July 12, 2018

Creating Resilient Communities in the Learning Studio

Teachers and students used Learning Studios to tackle the Thriving Together design challenge

February 13, 2018

Student Stories Show What’s Possible with 360-Degree Film

Announcing the Fall 2017 winners of the 360 Filmmakers Challenge

June 30, 2017

Student Makers Turn Vision to Reality in the Learning Studio

Three high school juniors are designing an apparel brand with a social mission

June 22, 2017

Learning Studio Makers Connect to Learn and Play

Celebrating the Learning Studios Play to Learn design challenge through virtual game exchange

June 6, 2017

360 Filmmakers Challenge Stories: Borderline

Spotlighting a submission on being a first generation American in the 360 Filmmakers Challenge

May 30, 2017

360 Filmmakers Challenge Stories: The Fakes

Spotlighting a submission on bullying from the 360 Filmmakers Challenge

May 23, 2017

360 Filmmakers Challenge Stories: “The Drama Community”

Spotlighting a submission on growing up from the 360 Filmmakers Challenge

May 2, 2017

Empowering Students As Immersive Storytellers with 360° Film

The 360 Filmmakers Challenge empowers students to tell stories that make an impact

December 13, 2016

Student Makers Create Solution for Kids in Need

Through innovation and iteration, high school students are helping kids in need

August 4, 2015

Global Youth Tell Stories on the Importance Education Amidst Crisis

While each story shares a unique experience, one theme is constant: the importance of education during crisis.

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