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Reduced Inequality

For MY World 360°, your challenge is to use 360° media to capture your perspectives and experiences related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Don’t know where to get started? Try taking a 360° photo in response to Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities using the quick-start guide below. For additional support, see the full MY World 360° Program Guide.


About Goal 10:

Goal 10 seeks ways to reduce inequality within and among countries. You can read more about Reduced Inequalities here.

Before taking your 360° photo, consider the following questions:

  • What are the different ways people in your community experience inequality?
  • Who is working toward reducing inequality in your community?
  • How might you use a 360° photo to share perspectives and raise awareness about reducing inequality?

Give it a shot!

  • Step 1: Prepare
    • You can take a 360° photo with your smartphone using any 360° photography app. You can use Google Street View to take 360° photos and share them anywhere on the web. You may also take a photo using a 360° camera.
  • Step 2: Consider perspectives
    • People in your community may experience different forms of inequality. How might you capture one experience of inequality in a 360° photo?
    • There may be people and/or organizations working to reduce inequality in your community. How might you capture their efforts in a 360° photo?
  • Step 3: Experiment
    • Go out and take your photo! If you need a little inspiration to get started, check out this resource on the importance of reducing inequality. Use hashtags #myworld360 and #sdg10 to share your photo with us on social media! Submit it for consideration in the MY World 360° global playlist using this Submission Form.

Interested in creating a 360° video? Check out the 360° Production Guide for additional tools and resources related to 360° video production and photography.

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