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Sharing Your Film

You’ve finished your video, but now is the time to make an impact by sharing it! Think about how to share your film and the best way to present it to an audience. While sharing your work, pay attention to your audience’s reaction. It will help you improve this piece and inform your future projects.


Create an Action Campaign

You’ve created a film, but you’re not done with the Challenge! For your film to make an impact, you need to consider how to share it in a way that will get the result you want. This means creating an Action Campaign around your film.


Create a Viewing Guide and Resources

In order to help viewers understand and reflect on the story you created, create a viewing guide and other resources to accompany your media.


Hosting a local showcase

You’ve worked hard on creating your 360 Challenge video! Take time at your school and in your own community to celebrate the projects your students have produced.


Contests, exhibitions, and festival opportunities

In addition to hosting a local showcase, we encourage students to look for contests and festivals to submit their finished work.


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