In this phase, you will transform your story concept into an action plan to capture all of the elements you need to produce the final film. Take what’s in your head and document it so that you can share it with everyone involved on your production team.


Build Your Storyboard

Storyboarding is a sequence of images, with some directions and dialogue, that represent the shots you plan to film. The purpose is to previsualize the story and the shots before going into production and to communicate your vision to the crew as clearly as possible.


Your Production Crew

Filmmaking is a collaborative activity — a team sport! Here is a list of the primary roles you can play on a video shoot.


Create a Production Plan

In order to move into production, you need a plan on paper so you can accurately communicate with your team.


Permissions and Media Releases

If someone will have a significant role in front of the camera, you will need to get their permission (in the form of a media release) to film them.