360° video is a format that captures in every direction at once — up, down, and all around. This is possible with a number of different special cameras that shoot in all directions. Videos can be viewed in a browser by using a mouse to change the viewing perspective.

But, the best experience is to view 360° video in a virtual reality headset, where the user is able to literally “look around” the scene by moving your head around. It’s an incredible, immersive experience, as if you were dropped into someone else’s shoes to see their perspective.


About 360° Production Equipment

From a production  perspective, 360° video brings up all kinds of new challenges and opportunities — for example, the concept of “behind the camera” no longer exists!


Explore 360° Video

As you start out, spend some time getting familiar with various types of content being created for 360° video.

Educator Resource

Helping Students Reflect on 360° Video and VR

As students begin exploring the 360° video and virtual reality out there, it’s important to take time to reflect on the medium.

Idea Development